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Superbowl Advertising:
“2nd Screen” Ads All Sold Out!

3screens_superbowl.gifIn just 10 days from now the US Superbowl football game will take place in New Orleans. Over the years, the Superbowl has become a showcase for TV advertising, with audiences over 150 million people and ad prices up to US$4 million for a 30 second spot!

2013 is the second year that the game is being streamed live on the internet, and the ad inventory for this “second screen” has been moving rapidly. And some brands, such as Coca-Cola, are working hard to involve multiple screens in their campaigns.

In 2012, NBC became the first broadcaster to transmit the Superbowl in a non-traditional way. NBC says that over 2 million unique viewers watched the game over this medium.

This year CBS will once again live-stream the event. Given the rapid adoption we have seen of “second screen” experience throughout 2012, we would expect an even greater uptake this time around.

CBS has been selling advertising through CBS Interactive, and they have found a very good reception among brands. Even two months before the February 3rd event, almost all of the online ad inventory was booked up. “The online inventory is nearly sold out at this point,” said David Morris, chief client officer of CBS Interactive in mid-December. “We only have a few packages remaining.”

He also indicated that the product categories featuring in the CBS live-stream will include autos, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, beverages, retail and technology. Prices will of course not be nearly as expensive as for standard TV ads, but last year NBC was reportedly able to selling live stream inventory for between high six figures up to low seven figures.

coke_superbowl.gifWe can also expect brands to utilize additional means of consumer interaction for with this year’s ads. For example, Coca-Cola, which has been the fourth-largest spender for Superbowl ads over the past decade, will attempt to “gamify the game” with a real-time television, web and social media campaign.

Coke will run a 60 second ad, “Mirage”, in the first quarter of the Superbowl that tells the story of three groups of characters who are lost in the desert – the Cowboys, the Showgirls, and the Scavengers. They all see the mirage image of a bottle of Coke in the distance, and at the end of the ad it is not clear which group will eventually get the Coke.

The ad, which was originally released online on Jan. 22, urges viewers to vote for a winner using computer, smartphone or tablet and sabotage the other factions. Consumer voting will determine the outcome of the story which will be aired as a 30 second Coke ad immediately following the game.

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