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Mobile App Marketing:
Facebook and the Heavyweights

mobileAppMarketingMobile App Marketing is becoming a big business, and the entry of Twitter into this market will only accelerate it even further.

This is a topic that will become ever more important to marketers. Here is an infographic and a white paper that explain The Essentials of Mobile App Marketing as well as highlighting some of the benefits of using of social media for mobile app marketing.

With the millions of apps currently available on the Apple App store and Google Play, standing out from the crowd is more difficult than ever. Hence the development of Mobile App Marketing as a specialty.

Apppli is a strategy and marketing firm for mobile. They have released a number of white papers that are very relevant to this area. The Essentials of Mobile App Marketing covers topics such as:

  • Create a buzz by using press releases, SEO and ASO, competitive analysis
  • Stay at the top of the App Store by using social media, burst marketing, mobile display ads, and incentives
  • Monitization strategies such as freemium, in-app ads, subscription, etc.
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Fiksu is a specialist in mobile app marketing. They have put together the infographic below which looks specifically at some of the benefits of using social media for mobile app marketing, as well as some characterization of the biggest players in the market.

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