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Two thirds of shoppers prefer mobile web over apps

shoppers_like_sites.gifAs part of the ongoing quest to make retailers see the light and offer decent mobile support for online shopping, a new study has revealed something that should make developers stop and think for a little while: two thirds of smartphone shoppers would rather use a mobile-optimised site than a specific app to buy online.Get the full study here.

While the news is hardly groundbreaking (after all, who wants to go to the effort of downloading an app just to make one purchase?), it ought to shake up the online retail industry and lead to better optimisation for smartphones and tablets.

As we recently reported, Miva Merchant made this point very clearly, and argued that a streamlined, simple mobile version of the website was a much better use of time than a dedicated app.

Bennett Lauber, principal designer at Siteworx, the company who conducted the study said: “As more and more people are using smartphones and tablets logically, more and more people are making purchases with them.

“In order to maximize the ROI on mobile development efforts, marketers need to understand how, where and why people are using these devices, and then design their mobile app, mobile Web site or responsive Web site to match this understanding.

“Given the reluctance of consumers to download a mobile app, as evidenced by our data, a responsive or mobile site should is a must-have for customer acquisition. After establishing a relationship with the brand, current customers will be more apt to download an app.”

The study went into quite a bit of detail on how consumers used mobile and tablets for commerce, including what was the key information on their device that made their purchase easier.


As a part of this report, Siteworx also offers a list of the five “Key Recommendations” for a company’s Mobile and Tablet Strategy, which will be interesting for many companies starting to grow their mobile presence.

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