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Mobile Trends Outlook:
What Will Be Hot in 2013

trends2013.gifGolden Gekko has released their top mobile trends for 2013 list, with a whole host of great advice for retailers, both mobile, online, and traditional.

Of course many of the trends revolve around the explosive growth of mobile retail, including m-commerce, in-store comparisons, CRM, customer loyalty, etc. Take a look at these trends, they could be important for your business.

Regarding the growth of mobile retail, Golden Gekko notes that over 40% of smartphone owners have made a purchase from their phone, and many people use multiple devices throughout the shopping process.

Their advice related to this is to map out all customer touch points for mobile, research them, prioritize them, and then start testing. They also provide a “customer touchpoint wheel” to assist with this process. (see illustration below, click for larger view)

Customer Touchpoint Wheel (Golden Gekko)

Another piece of advice that we’ve been seeing a lot of with the rise of smartphone and tablet optimisation is to keep things as simple as possible – don’t just throw a whole bunch of features in there if it means a more difficult time for the user, as it’s ultimately going to hit your business. Keep things smooth, fast and easy.

A couple of the other trends to watch out for this year are wearable devices – a remark that doesn’t seem so silly with the recent rumours of an Apple iWatch product growing by the day – and augmented reality (AR) which began to saw real breakthroughs in a number of apps last year.

Of course, it wouldn’t be analysis of the top trends for 2013 without mention of the flops or slow-burners. Remember that brief period about two years ago when you could hardly walk down a street without being bombarded by dozens of QR codes, those black and white square blocks that no one ever really liked? Unsurprisingly, they make it into Golden Gekko’s flops list – apparently less than 15% of smartphone users bothered scanning a single one in 2012.

Others in the list include the also not-too-surprising BlackBerry OS 10 (RIM aren’t looking too strong these days) and the slow-mover NFC (near field communication) technology, something which many agree still has a good deal of potential but has yet to be utilized properly by mobile manufacturers or marketers.

To see the full list of trends, start with Part 1 which looks at the B2C world.

The top trends in the B2B space are discussed in Part 2.

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