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Mobile Internet For Dummies

dummies.gifFeeling a bit confused by all the rapid advances in mobile phone usage and the development of the mobile internet? This may be the book for you. With the introduction of the latest “Dummies” book, Mobile Internet for Dummies, consumers can now learn to unleash the power of the mobile Internet from their own mobile phones, no matter what phone they have or what wireless carrier network they use.

Mobile Internet for Dummies covers the essentials for getting a mobile user hooked up to the “mobile Internet” and includes overview on selecting the “right” mobile device and network provider and using made-for-mobile services for search, entertainment, messaging, shopping, and finance. The book also covers how to develop mobile Web sites as well as how to make the mobile Internet into a business.

“Internet for Dummies opened the door for millions of readers of all ages to get on the Net. Today, we are releasing Mobile Internet for Dummies to help millions of mobile consumers learn how to use the mobile Net. It is a great book for readers of all ages to enjoy,” said co-author John Levine.

For more information or to download a sample chapter, go here.

To buy the book, go here.

To supplement the extensive information in Mobile Internet for Dummies, a mobile-friendly Web site with updated mobile information as well as tips and tricks is available at here.

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