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AdMob Mobile Ad Stats for January

admob_logo1.gifAdMob has released the latest statistics for its ad network, covering January 2008. During the period, AdMob saw requests for 2.3 billion impressions, 17.4% above December. This report looks in detail at the top 5 markets: US (close to 50%), India, UK, South Africa, and Indonesia.

It also includes a special look at February 3, when a significant spike could be seen in the US market due to the SuperBowl football match! Download the report.

Other interesting facts released by AdMob include:

  • Nokia has top marketshare overall,with 36%, but the top two individual phone models are Motorola KRZR K1c and RAZR V3
  • Asia represents almost one fourth of all requests.
  • Close to 50% of all the handsets seen have the capability to support streaming video.


Ad Requests by Region

Handset Capabilities

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