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Mobile Advertising grows over 100% in 2012

iab-growth-2013-2.gifTwice a year the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) sponsors a survey of internet related advertising revenues. Conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The study provides a very detailed, interesting look at the key trends in internet advertising, including Mobile.

The study reported that mobile advertising revenues in the US grew by over 100% during 2012, the fastest growing segment of the entire internet advertising industry!

Overall internet advertising in the US rose by 15% during 2012. In doing so, internet advertising continued the trend of taking an ever increasing share of the overall US advertising budget, with only broadcast TV representing larger revenues.


More specifically, Mobile advertising in the US totaled $3.4 billion during the full year of 2012, representing an increase of 111% over 2011. Mobile is now 9% of the total internet revenue, up from only 5% last year.


PwC and the IAB attribute this surge in mobile in the US to 5 key factors, namely:

  • Growth in device penetration (Smartphone and tablet), led by Apple and Google
  • Faster connection speeds as 4G / LTE adoption is fueled by infrastructure and device upgrades
  • Improved screen resolutions that can squeeze more ads onto the mobile screen
  • Increased sophistication in incorporating ads into mobile apps and websites
  • Shifting social media consumption onto mobile devices

(source:PwC and IAB)

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