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RingBack Tones – MMA Whitepaper

mma-ww-logo.gifRingback tones are a very phone centric form of advertising – there is really no parallel in print, online, or TV.

If you have ever wondered what these are, or wanted to understand more about how they work and the right way to implement a RBT system, then take a look at this whitepaper from the Mobile Marketing Association.

One of the roles of the MMA is to encourage the spread of information and best practices about various forms of mobile marketing. In this whitepaper, they address the newly emerging RingBackTone format.

This type of advertising has been around since 2008, and has seen good success in certain markets. See MobiAd article, Turkcell – Putting Mobile Marketing At The Center Of The Business.

Even Google is apparently investigating RBT as well; Is “Ring Back Advertising” The Future For Google? And yet it is probably one of the least understood forms of mobile advertising.

The opportunity is huge: with over 3 billion phones worldwide, and an estimated 4 calls per subscriber per day, there are 12 billion potential daily impressions! In the US for example, there are about 1.2 billion calls per day, compared with about 240 million US Google searches.


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