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Smart Analysis Of The US Mobile Ad Market

millennial_logo.gifEvery month, Millennial Media puts out a SMART report on the US mobile advertising market (SMART=Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting).

The May report shows that the US mobile internet market continues to grow at a monthly average of 3-5%. There is also some very interesting information on the mix of campaigns (for example, Retail Promotional campaigns increased 6% from April to May), as well as an an analysis of “Cost Per Engaged User” across various types of targeting methods.

The information on mix of campaigns is very interesting. It breaks out the different direct response strategies used by advertisers to drive consumer actions. The data shows that the two biggest types of campaign actions were subscribing/purchasing, and watching a video. However, the one that grew the fastest in May was Retail Promotion.


There is also a breakdown of the type of destinations that mobile advertising brings consumers to. Campaign specific landing pages are the overwhelming majority at 67%, and growing.


There is also a very interesting analysis of the Cost Per Engaged User. The report looks at 6 different options for consumer targeting (eg Content Channel, User Demographic data, Run of network), and shows the cost per user for each.

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