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The Ultimate Market Resource:
Tomi Ahonen’s Mobile Almanac 2009

ahonen_almanac.gifFor those of you working in the mobile business, the market numbers change so rapidly that it is hard to keep up to date. And trying to get good historical information for comparison is almost impossible.

Now there is a solution – Tomi Ahonen’s Mobile Almanac 2009. Written by well-known author and speaker Tomi Ahonen, this almanac contains all the information you may want to find out about the mobile telecoms business.

This is one of the few Market Resources that we list on MobiAD News which must be purchased, but this book has such a depth of information that we think that the price of 10 Euros is an incredible bargain.


The almanac covers a wide range of information, including:

  • Size of Industry
  • Customers
  • Handsets
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Mobile Internet
  • Seventh Mass Media Channel
  • Music on Mobile
  • Mobile TV and Video
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Mobile Social Networking
  • Other Mobile Content
  • Mobile Advertising and Marketing
  • Voice Calls
  • Business/Enterprise Services

So if you are interested in knowing the numbers behind the customers, usage, and growth of mobile, check out this unique book.


To get the Almanac:

The almanac is only available from Tomi’s website:
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