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Mobile Web “Best Practices”

best_practices.gifThe mobile web landscape continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, with new devices, new development technologies, new ad serving requirements, and new design paradigms all adding to the challenge of excellent mobile web development.

Now a group of web designers have put together a website of “Best Practices” to help all developers address these challenges. This resource is really worth a look!

The website – – is a site that every web developer should have bookmarked.

As the site explains, “Mobile Web Best Practices is a site to help people learn about and get things done with the mobile web. It’s a tool to introduce best practices to cross-disciplinary teams so they can create great mobile web experiences.”

The amount of information in this site is quite amazing. It has been organized into 4 main topics:

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Development

Each of these sections lists 20 to 30 key subtopics, and presents a discussion and ideas about each.



In addition, there is an extensive Resources section which dozens of articles, books, galleries, libraries, presentations, scripts, sites, templates, etc which can help out the mobile web developer.

Given the rapid rate of change of the mobile web, the site does not claim to be a definitive development guide. Rather it intends to be more of a guide to point people in the right direction, and also to expose them to new tools and techniques that could be of use.


With the growing importance of mobile web to many companies, and the difficult, fast changing nature of the mobile web, it is great to have this type of “Best Practices” resource available.

As the site explains: ”Best practices” is a loaded term when it comes to creating mobile web experiences. It’s a unique context with it’s own challenges and opportunities. While there’s no silver bullet, this site will help you ask the right questions and help solve problems so you can start creating future-friendly web experiences.”

Visit the Mobile Web Best Practices site.
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