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Chinese Subscribers Love To Listen To Music And Download Games

china_market.gifM:Metrics has released the first results from their study of the Chinese mobile media market, and has found that mobile entertainment is very popular among the Chinese, with over 1/3 listening to music and 10% playing downloaded games.

China is the world’s largest mobile market, with over 200 million subscribers currently, and still growing very rapidly.

  • As would be expected, consumption of certain content types was quite low, for example mobile video was seen by less than 1% of the subscribers each month, compared with 4.2% of subscribers in US, 5% in France, and over 7.5% in Spain. But this is to be expected given the relative lower income level for much of the Chinese market and the resulting dominance of lower end handsets.
  • Consumption of mobile media was closely linked with the handset model the subscriber has. For example, Sony Ericsson users were 1.7 times as likely to send a photo message, and twice as likely to use the mobile internet.
  • The 18 to 34 year old market segment is the most active in consuming mobile content, as it is in most for the European countries.

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