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Update on SMS Advertising

m:metricsM:Metrics has released an updated report on the the use of SMS advertising in US and Europe. This report, which covers a 3-month period ending 30 September, 2007, details the use of SMS for advertising in the US, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the UK.

Some of the highlights include:
• In France and Spain, approximately 60% of subscribers received an SMS advertisement during a month, compared with 40% in UK and only 18% in the US.

• The content of the advertisement varied widely by country. In France, 40% of the messages were contests, 20% were coupons, and 40% were information about products and services.

• In the US, over 10% of the people who received an SMS ad responded, where in Spain the number was just under 7%. However, over 12% of Spanish subscribers sent an SMS in response to a non-mobile ad, whereas in the US the figure was 4%.

To see the detailed results from this study, enter your email address here:

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