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Consumers Watch Mobile Video Throughout The Day

rhythm_iphone.gifMobile video ad network Rhythm NewMedia has released new research which provides a very good view into the current consumption of video and video ads across the US.

This study addresses factors such as time of day consumption, Wifi consumption, click through rates, and video ad completion rates. Definitely worth downloading and taking a look.

Rhythm NewMedia is a leading mobile video ad network whose special mobile ad units combine the brand engagement of television with the interactivity of online media. (Read MobiAD interview with Rhythm CEO Ujjal Kohli)

This report was based on data from the Rythm ad network, reflecting ads shown on over 250 million average monthly content views. The data is for the US only, and for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices only.

Time of day

As it turns out, mobile video is consumed constantly throughout the day, making the pattern very different from regular TV.


Although the peak hours are 8pm tp 10pm, there is actually quite a lot of video watching from 10pm in the morning all the way until 1am in the morning. Given the very different viewing pattern from normal TV, this should indicate that there are opportunities to combine the two for better consumer communication.


Another interesting fact reported by Rhythm is the high level of Wifi usage. In the study, more that 50% of all video was watched through a Wifi connection rather than over a 3G mobile network.


This certainly reinforces the view that a lot of mobile video watching actually takes place in the home or office, and that the mobile is more of an “alternate screen” rather than a screen for use only when on the move.

Mobile Video Ad Effectiveness

In addition to this information about mobile video viewing, Rhythm also looks specifically at the consumption and effectiveness of video ads. One of the more encouraging statistics was the very high percentage of pre-roll ads that are viewed in their entirety.


As show in the chart above, almost 90% of mobile video ads are watched between 75% and 100%. Very few customers, at least at the moment, are trying to skip out or skip over the ad.

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