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Consumer Insight Study – Fast Food, PC’s, TV, And Cinema

consumer-insight2.gifGreystripe, the ad-funded mobile game distribution company, has released their latest “Consumer Insight” study.

The study gives an in-depth demographic view of the iPhone consumers seen on the Greystripe network during the first quarter of 2009 and provides information about consumer behavior preferences for a range of product categories, including fast food restaurants, PC’s, television, and cinema – all categories which are advertised on mobile.

As more and more people are moving onto the mobile web and participating by downloading games and applications, understanding the make up of this growing audience will be important for both brands and agencies. Greystripe shares information on a regular basis about the consumers that use their services.

With iPhone apps developing so rapidly, this is a major focus for this report, but it also covers engagement metrics for rich media ads and some information about java-based applications as well.

Information to get the full report is below.

Consumer Behavior Preference

There is some interesting information about the consumer behavior preferences of this mobile audience. For example, more than two thirds of them spend more than 20 hours per week on their computer, and close to half (44%) plan to get a new PC within the next year.


Regarding films, the users cited advertisements as the biggest source of information to find out about new releases. This can be important because many studios have started using mobile quite heavily to promote new films.


However, in terms of making a final decision as to which film to see, friends recommendations are still the most influential.


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