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The State Of The “Mobile Touch Web”

touchweb.gifOne of the biggest changes that has taken place over the past few years in mobile is the overwhelming number of phones that are based on a touch screen interface. Touch screens have added greatly to the overall customer experience, and it seems certain that this advancement will be with us for a long time.

For the past several years Taptu has pioneered the index and crawling of media specifically designed for touch screen mobile devices. This report provides a detailed view of the current State of the Mobile Touch Web.

According to Taptu, the Mobile Touch Web is growing at a rapid pace – in April they estimated a total of over 400,000 mobile touch websites, growing at an annual rate of over 200%! The total is expected to surpass 1 million sites by the end of 2010.

What is clearly driving this is the surging sales in touch screen based phones. Established devices like the iPhone are seeing rapid sales growth, and touch screens are starting to move into mid-range phones as well. Gartner predicts sales of over 360 million devices in 2010, a 97% increase from 2009.

What are all these people looking at on the mobile web? What are all these “mobile touch websites”? This is the subject of the report from Taptu.

The largest categories of sites are shopping & services, with nearly one quarter of all sites. Following that are Government & Non-profit, Technology, and Blogs. The chart below shows the general breakdown of sites.


Within each category, there is of course a wide variety of sites, and this report does a good job of clearly breaking them out.

For example, in the “Entertainment” category, there are Movies, Books, Humor, TV, etc.


And the report also gives examples of mobile sites that fit within each category.


To produce this data, Taptu scans nearly 120 million domains each month. Each scanned site is checked against an array of tests for “touch screen-friendliness”. Candidate sites are filtered to identify English language sites, further evaluated for site quality, and then classified into categories.

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