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Despite the Gloom, Nokia Is Still The Leading Handset Manufacturer

nokia-logo.gifWith all the recent negative publicity surrounding Nokia, one would be excused for thinking that they were a struggling mobile handset manufacturer.

However, recent figures released by mobile advertising network InMobi show that Nokia are still comfortably ahead of their rivals.

This study was based on the over 20 billion ads served by the InMobi network during July 2010. This is a very international sample, with 86 countries having over 10 million ads. The key geographic areas are shown in the InMobi chart below:


During July, Nokia devices accounted for nearly half (47.4%) of all mobile ad impressions on the InMobi network, which was ahead of Samsung (13.2%), Sony Ericsson (10.1%) and Apple (8.2%). However it should be noted that Nokia’s figure was down by 3.6% while Apple’s was up by 3.5%.


In terms of the Operating systems, Nokia and Symbian still lead comfortably (25.7% and 22.1%), followed by the iPhone OS (8.2%) and Android (3.5%). But again the trend of Nokia (-3.6%) losing market share to the iPhone OS (+3.5%) and Android (+1.3%) continues.


When it comes to individual devices, Apple’s iPhone is the biggest devise (4.9%). However Nokia’s domination is still visible with 18 of the top 23 devices being produced by the Finish manufacturer. Interestingly the Motorola Droid is the only Android phone in the top 20.

It is important to note that this study includes all phones, not just smartphones. So although Nokia has had some well publicized issues in the smartphone market, they are clearly still very strong overall. The big challenge for Nokia in the future is that the smartphone segment is growing very rapidly, and this is an area where they are not currently strong.

In addition, the smartphone customer profile is more affluent and therefore very attractive to marketers. Not being a strong player in this segment may prevent Nokia from sharing in the large mobile ad revenue that some of their competitors will enjoy.

inmobi_logo.gifThis report from InMobi presents a very detailed view of the mobile market around the world. There is very specific country by country information, as well as a very interesting qualitative overview of each region, provided by the InMobi senior management team.

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