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smaato_logo.gifVeteran mobile advertising company Smaato has published an interesting white paper that focuses on how to optimize revenue from mobile advertising.

In this period of reduced CPM prices, lower fill rates, and proliferating ad networks, this white paper will help many people understand the dynamics among the various parts of the mobile advertising chain and what can be done do to maximize ad revenue.

The introduction of the white paper explains the purpose of the paper:

smaato_thermometer.gif“Mobile advertising is getting traction and is becoming an integral part of today’s marketing mix. But it is still a very tough job for mobile publishers and mobile developers to monetize their inventory – especially when it comes to non-direct sold inventory. The usual approach to overcome this crucial problem is to work with several ad networks specialized in mobile advertising…

Furthermore the number of mobile ad networks is growing but their performances differ significantly. It is a time consuming and expensive task to find out which mobile ad networks deliver the highest eCPMs and fill rates for a specific inventory, especially when there are limited resources for a professional ad-ops team. This white paper describes essential challenges for mobile publishers and mobile developers to monetize their whole inventory.”

The paper also discusses the three-tier pricing structure for mobile advertising, and how mobile ad network chains work. Finally, it talks about the benefits of dynamic ad optimization for mobile publishers.


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