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Why your mobile app
has to work RIGHT!

phone-errors.jpgThese days many companies are launching mobile apps as part of their marketing and customer relationship strategy. These companies are from all sectors: fashion, food, sports, FMCG, travel, etc.

For most of these companies, it is the first time they have ever released a software product. This study gives some hard numbers on why making sure a app works right is so critical.

Put together by uTest, a firm that does mobile app testing, this study looks at the risks that come from releasing an app the is just “good enough”.

bad-quality-quote.pngThe risks are in fact many. Especially for companies that are new to dealing with mobile apps, this would be a good document to read, as it discusses:

  • User frustration
  • App Abandonment
  • Bad Reviews and Word of Mouth
  • Damage to Brand Reputation
  • Lost Revenue

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