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Nordic Countries Receptive to Mobile Marketing

nordic-countries.gifA recent survey released by mobile marketing company More Mobile Relations (More) reveals that mobile phone users are much more favorable to mobile marketing after they try out useful services. The survey found that 30-40% of users are in favor of user-accepted mobile advertising.

The survey also found that mobile advertising is not seen as being as intrusive as other forms of advertising. In Sweden, only 20% of those surveyed who had accepted mobile services said that they thought that mobile advertising was intrusive, while 60% said that they found TV advertising intrusive, 50% radio advertising and 40% direct mail advertising.

“For us, having a mobile dialogue with our customers is a given. They are constantly on the move and have their mobile phones with them all the time. The trajectory of mobile customer relations goes from flight info by SMS to more advanced services such as check-in, guides and travel services via our mobile portal,” says Anders Signell, director of online services at SAS.

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