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Mobile Ad Recall Study

ad_recall.gif A new study conducted for mobile entertainment community Limbo found that over 30% of subscribers surveyed in the US recalled seeing mobile advertisements within the past 3 months. The study also examined variations in age, gender, and ethnicity. Download the study.


Another very interesting highlight from the study is that SMS usage is still by far the most widely used non-voice service. SMS is being used by 60% more people than use MMS, and by more than twice the number that play mobile games or go on the mobile web.


The report which was done by Gfk/NOP Research also looks at variation in SMS usage by age and ethnicity.

“The exciting news for marketers is that mobile advertising penetration is both broad – hitting one in three mobile phone users, and deep – with high recall statistics, especially among text messaging users and the ever-elusive ‘Millennials’ demographic,” said Rob Lawson, President and co-founder of Limbo.

“There is a clear disparity between the high reach of mobile media and the low percentage of marketing budget currently spent on the medium, which creates an obvious opportunity for savvy media buyers.”

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