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Emerging Media Forecast: Mobile, Social Media, and Online Video Will Lead The Way

magna.gifA recent media forecast by Magna Global – one of the world’s leading media service firms – predicts that mobile media, social media, and online video will be the fastest growing of the emerging media channels. Download the full study.

This is a very interesting forecast/presentation about the US market that not only looks at the future growth of emerging media, but also puts them in perspective with existing advertising. The point is that traditional media has never died, but large advertisers drive TV, and smaller advertisers drive emerging media.

“Models that were well designed for an era of homogeneous media platform access may not work may not be as well-suited for a world of Web 2.0% which will reach some audiences and miss others.”


Some interesting conclusions emerge:

  • Social Media will grow by 37% to over over $1.4 billion, and will be helped by improved monetization possibilities.
  • Online video will grow by 45%, being the fastest growing of all the emerging media. It will benefit from similarities to traditional TV.
  • Mobile will grow by 42% to around $300 million. Key drivers for mobile are the growing mobile ad ecosystem and new opportunies in CRM and m-commerce on the plus side. On the negative side are the diversity of consumer interfaces and the lack of existing creative assets.

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