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Millennial: Mobile Advertising in
Travel Sector Increases 400%

mobile_travelThe latest version of Millennial Media’s, Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting report (S.M.A.R.T.), shows just how fast mobile advertising is growing in certain sectors.

While Entertainment still is the top spending vertical category, other categories are growing faster, with Travel growing over 400% and Pharmaceuticals increasing by almost 500% over the past year!

Millennial Media is a leading independent mobile ad platform company, and has been publishing their SMART reports for several years. This edition provides an overview of mobile ad growth, with an additional focus on the Telecom industry.

Here are the top spending categories globally:


Beyond simply who is spending the most on mobile ads, the study also looks at what are the most common ‘post-click campaign actions’, as well as the overall campaign objectives for the advertisers.

Mobile advertisers are making greater use of video – 23 percent of the campaigns included a Watch Video action, up from 17 percent last year. And, the companies leveraging video aren’t just the usual suspects like movie and gaming trailers either; Energy & Power advertisers make frequent use of video to drive consumers to their mobile sites and to emphasize positive brand awareness


As we see, generating site or mobile traffic is the most common goal, followed by general brand awareness. Surprisingly, generating foot traffic is the third most common campaign goal, clearly reinforcing the notion that mobile and retail are getting closer all the time.

A detailed examination of the Telecommunications vertical shows some interesting focus. For example, the most frequently targeted consumer group is Home Buyers, an audience that may need to set up cable and internet services at their new home. Telecom advertisers targeted this audience with sign-up promotions to encourage new subscriptions.


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