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Proximity Marketing – An Introduction To Bluetooth Marketing

bluetooth3.jpgProximity marketing using Bluetooth has been around for several years, and has found success in certain environments.

This report is based on a study of 1,000 UK consumers and their views on Bluetooth and Bluetooth marketing. It offers marketers an independent report on the use of Bluetooth as a channel to deliver rich media as part of a multi-channel marketing campaign.

There are several reasons why Bluetooth is a powerful communications medium for marketing:

  • Bluetooth can deliver high quality content directly to a consumer’s phone – without any per message or data charges
  • Bluetooth is location specifid, it can reach customers exactly where you want to communicate with them
  • Bluetooth can enhance out-of-home marketing such as posters and billboards by giving consumers a free takeaway

This report provides an introduction to Bluetooth marketing, and describes in detail the different technological approaches to delivering marketing content, detailing what it can and can’t deliver. The legal and ethical use of Bluetooth is investigated, and the accepted levels of consent are discussed.

The report also includes a 12 step checklist that advises marketers on all the considerations that should be part of the due diligence performed as part of a Bluetooth marketing campaign. And finally the report concludes with a technical overview of the implementation of a campaign, including a guide to buying in Bluetooth marketing products and services.

discount_star.gifThe regular price for this report is £125, but MobiAD News readers can receive a 20% discount making the price £100.

The report is available for purchase HERE (the purchase link is at the bottom of the page). Use promotion code MOBAD20 to receive the discounted price.

To get a better idea of the content of this report, you can also download a free overview by entering your email address here:

and company name here:

About the authors

Troy Norcross has been in the mobile industry for almost a decade, and has been focused on consumer protection, best practice and legislative compliance of mobile marketing for the majority of that time.

As a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA-UK) Mobile Marketing Council, Troy contributed the first complete draft of the guidelines responsible for authoring the DMA’s best practice guideline for Bluetooth marketing.

He also contributed heavily to the creation of guidelines ensuring that the consumer is protected from aggressive marketing tactics. He is working with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA-Europe) Proximity Marketing committee, which will release their Proximity Marketing Guidelines 2009.

Troy created the Pocket Choice consumer permission management system. He runs a blog,, which is focused on responsible and respectful marketing practices. Troy can be contacted at

David Fanning received his MBA while he was still working as editor of Macworld magazine. Since then he has worked as a writer and analyst focusing on computing, mobile technology and the iPod/iPhone market.

David worked with David Pogue to produce the UK edition of iPhone: The Missing Manual. He also advises companies on how to bring their iPod and Mac products to market in Europe and the US.

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