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Limbo Study: Consumer Awareness Grows

Mobile entertainment community Limbo has released their Mobile Advertising Report for Q2 2008. This study shows an increase in consumer awareness of a variety of mobile advertising campaigns, “from text message to interactive games to mobile internet banner advertisements”. Download the study.

Based on a survey of 1,000 adults in the US, UK, and India, the report looks at mobile phone usage, mobile advertising penetration, and the recall of various types of mobile ads.

In terms of usage patterns, there is a marked difference in the use of text messaging between the US (53%) and UK and India (93-94%). However, in terms of mobile internet usage, the US and UK are very similar (25% and 30% respectively), and well ahead of mobile internet in India (11%).


However, it appears that mobile ad penetration is much higher in India than in the other countries. Fully 85% of the India respondents recalled seeing an ad on their mobile, while half or less in the UK or US recalled an ad.


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Jonathon Linner, CEO of Limbo said “with mobile phone usage growing, it’s logical for more companies to seek mobile marketing as a way to reach their segmented targets in this direct and highly interactive medium.”

Limbo and market research firm GfK Technology have released a series of these mobile advertising reports. See the Q4-2007 report, and the Q1-2008 report.

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