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Rich Media Really Counts For Mobile Ads

click-on-iphone.jpgAccording to the latest research published in Jumptap’s MobilleSTAT report, rich media ads lead to much, much higher levels of consumer engagement.

Jumptap found that there is an increase of up to 455% in Click Through Rates for rich media ad units compared to static banners.

The research reviewed 300 million campaign impressions across several advertisers that have ran both rich media and static campaigns using the same creative and advertising message thus eliminating as many other variables as possible.


Depending on the product category, the uplift from using Rich Media ranged from 214% for “Athletics Manufacturers”, up to a boost of 455% for “Quick Service Restaurants”.

Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap, said “The demand for dynamic content is growing [and] advertisers want targeting combined with ad units that engage consumers.”

On top of the analysis of rich media, the report also looked at the market share for different operating systems. As expected, Android dominated with 47% followed by Apple (23%) and RIM (21%).


When it came to Click Through Rates, there was an average of 0.5% across the network with iOS and Symbian devices getting the best results at 0.62% and 0.63% respectively.


Interestingly the data showed that there was virtually a 50-50 split between traffic from apps and from the mobile web. However this traffic is very different when we look at the type of phone used. App based traffic is of course all coming from Smartphone’s, whereas fully one half of mobile web traffic comes from feature phones.


When it came to targeting, most campaigns either use one criteria (56%), or no targeting at all (34%). The most popular criteria for targeting were Location (33%), Handset type (25%), and Handset Capability (19%).


Finally in terms of impressions the largest advertisers were the Retail, Automotive and Entertainment sectors. The sectors generating the best CTR overall were Government and Entertainment.


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