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Evolution Of Mobile Payments

firstptr_payments.gifFirstPartner, a UK based research agency has released a very interesting “map” of the mobile payments industry.

The map provides a overview of how mobile commerce and mobile payments is growing as well as who are the key players, and is a good resource for anyone who is interested in this part of the mobile industry.

This comprehensive Market Map explains the structure of the mobile payments industry, all the way from consumers and merchants, types of payment devices, acquirers & PSP’s, payment networks, regulators, and more.

The map also provides high level information about the overall mobile payments and m-commerce industries. For example, the map identifies and details the top 5 Trends in M-Payments:

  • Development of mobile payments (P2P, NFC, In App)
  • Ecommerce continues to show strong growth
  • Person to Person Payments
  • Changes in Regulation
  • Risk Management and Security

There is also some very interesting information about what people are actually purchasing over mobile, as shown in the graphic below.


The full Evolution of Payments Market Map can be purchased from the FirstPartner website.

To get a download link for a free PDF version of this market map (watermarked and non-printable), please enter your email address here:

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