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BuzzCity Report Shows Explosive Growth In Mobile Internet

buzzcity-logo.jpgBuzzCity has revealed the statistics for its myGamma Global Mobile Advertising Index. myGamma is an ad-supported mobile social network service that is very popular in many of the markets outside of N. America and Europe. Download the full advertising index.

The following table shows the top 10 markets for myGamma, the advertising page views in the first quarter of 2008, and the year-on-year growth from 2007:

1. Indonesia: 654 million (up 13328% on Q1 2007)
2. India: 577 million (up 1522%)
3. South Africa: 426 million (up 418%)
4. USA: 132 million (up 917%)
5. Kenya: 79 million (up 424%)
6. Romania: 57 million (up 446%)
7. Bangladesh: 53 million (up 305%)
8. China: 37 million (up 6053%)
9. Brunei: 35 million (up 221%)
10. Pakistan: 35 million (up 814%)

Some of these markets are showing explosive growth, and it’s becoming clear that the mobile internet will not be limited to the same countries that were first with the web.

kf_lai.gifKF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, commented on the news: “In Q1 of 2008, we served more than 26 million banner advertisements to Egyptian users. This is a growth of 5,400% against the first quarter of 2007 when we served only 490,000 impressions. During this period, Saudi Arabian traffic grew by nearly 900% to 22 million banners. In both cases, increased mobile penetration and healthy competition among carriers invariably sees more consumer activity on the mobile internet. We are only going to see more of this, everywhere.”

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