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Mobile Search Soars in Q4 2014

mobile-search-simpleMobile search marketing enjoyed a very good Christmas season this year. The numbers are impressive.

According to the Digital Marketing Report Q4 2014 , mobile organic search traffic grew 54% from a year earlier, and now represents over 40% of all organic search across the three main search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

And more impressive, on Christmas day mobile plus tablet click share was over 50%!

The Digital Marketing Report Q4 2014, is a quarterly digital marketing analysis that is produced by search marketing agency Merkle|RKG. This report is a veritable treasure chest of information about digital marketing.

Paid Search
googleIconGoogle’s Q4 2014 paid search revenue grew by 19% over the previous year. Over 40% of the clicks came from mobile. The 19% resulted from a 12% increase in clicks, and a 7% increase in average cost-per-click.

Organic Search
Overall organic search site visits grew 13%, whereas mobile organic site visits increased 54%. Organic search represents about 1/3 of all site visits in the study.


Social Media
Social media represented only about 2.4% of all site visits in Q4. Although this is small, it is up from 1.4% last year.

FbAppIconFacebook accounted for over 60% of these visits. Mobile made up over 50% of all social media site visits, a major increase from last year’s 37%.

Key Shopping Days
A pattern seems to be emerging, with more sales happening earlier and later in the holiday season. As happened last year, the number one day this year for sales was Cyber Monday, followed by Black Friday.

The pattern for mobile’s share varies throughout the week, as shown in this graph of mobile share of paid search traffic.


Mobile CPC
For Google paid search, mobile CPCs stayed flat compared to desktop CPC’s for the past few quarters, at roughy a 60% discount. Tablet CPCs dropped slightly, but were still essentially the same as desktop CPC rates.


The complete report contains lots more detail on search advertising and comparison shopping engines, as well as display advertising. Take a look!

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