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Mobile Marketing Strategy Update
A brand marketers guide to the mobile web and mobile apps

app_vs_web.gifWhen mobile apps first appeared, they took the mobile industry by storm, and offered a level of interactivity, engagement, and entertainment never before achievable on a mobile.

However, over time the speed and capability of the mobile web has greatly improved, and now many marketers are wondering which is the best approach to take.

This guide from the MMA shows marketers how they can combine mobile apps and the mobile web to create campaigns that are more effective and have greater reach than if they used only one of the channels.

In the early days of mobile marketing, brand marketers were quick to pick up on unique benefits of apps, and having a branded mobile app became a requirement for many CMO’s.

These days, with global mobile web traffic expected to exceed wired web traffic by 2013, clearly marketers have to consider the mobile web as a strong alternative.

Today, with more than 34 percent of U.S. mobile phone owners using mobile apps, and more than 36 percent using the mobile browsers, the question is really how to use both to provide the best reach and campaign effectiveness.


This guide takes a 6 step approach to the question of app vs. web:

  • Understand the differences, strengths and challenges of both app and mobile web development/optimization
  • Develop approaches to both that fits their company’s marketing goals
  • Market each form so that consumers discover the app or in the case of the mobile web, are driven to the most applicable content
  • Measure performance/results in a way that takes into account the fast-changing nature of these marketing forms, but also syncs up with overarching goals for measuring consumer engagement and usage metrics that relate to other digital media activity
  • Monetize by developing strategies that either directly or indirectly contribute to ROI.
  • Conclusions and Best Practices

Along the way, it provides a lot of very useful information about how consumers are really using their mobiles these days. As an example, this chart shows what means of access – web or app – consumers are using to access three of the most popular mobile properites: Amazon, CNN Mobile, and The Weather Channel. Clearly there is overlap, and marketers must take both approaches into account.


The report also includes a detailed comparison between the strengths and challenges of each platform, the key feature differences and the resulting difference in user experience, as well as advice on measuring and monetizing.

For people interested in learning about how the industry is developing, and how best to reach and engage your customers over mobile, this is a very good guide to look at.

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