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Looking into the future:
Mobile & Internet trends 2014

mobile&internet-trendsThe pace of technology change and consumer behavior change is so rapid these days that it is very difficult to keep up to date with all developments in the market.

If you only look at one report this year on developments in the market, we highly recommend that you look at this one – Mary Meeker‘s annual presentation about the key trends in the internet and mobile world.

The presentation covers a wide variety of topics including mobile advertising, wearables, apps, content distribution, IPO’s, healthcare technology, and lots more, and not only provides thought provoking insights, but also detailed numbers to back them up.

Mary Meeker is a partner at Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers – one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world – and her Trends report has become an important annual event. As Forbes magazine wrote, “Every year the entire technology industry stops for an hour to hear what influential analyst Mary Meeker thinks are the most important trends playing out on the internet.”

This year Ms. Meeker presented her trends at the Code Conference in California. Here are a couple of the most interesting points she raised.
[note: a download link for the full presentation is at the bottom of this article.]

Mobile internet usage continues to grow rapidly, and now represents a significant portion of overall web traffic. This is especially true in certain regions of the world – such as Asia and Africa – which are developing in a “mobile first” way.


One of the more surprising charts shows the distribution of smartphone operating systems. Currently iOS, Android, and Windows Phone represent 97% of all phones, just 8 years ago that number was only 5%. A stark reminder of how fast things change, and the lock that iOS and Android seem to have on this industry.


Looking more closely at mobile advertising, Meeker’s conclusion is that there is still a lot of growth left over the next few years. By examining the overall spending pattern of by media type compared to the time spent on that media, it is clear that the mobile channel is still very under funded.


In regards to overall revenue in the mobile channel, current figures show that there is still more revenue being generated through mobile apps than mobile advertising, and in fact the portion seems to be growing.


The full presentation consists of over 150 slides, and covers a wide range of topics, including the growth of sensor usage, big data, multi-screen lifestyle, and media distribution/usage. Together, the data provided plus the qualitative comments paint a great picture of where our society is heading.


This is a very thought provoking look at the growth and role of the internet and mobile, and more globally how life styles are changing because of the internet. It is really worth the time to take a look through this slide deck and think about what Mary Meeker has to say.

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