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Young Hispanics a “golden opportunity” for mobile advertising says M:Metrics

M:Metrics reported that English-speaking Hispanics are one of the most active market segments for mobile content consumption. Over 70 percent consume mobile content, compared with less than 50 for the market in general.

Evan Neufeld, VP Consulting and Senior Analyst at M:Metrics said: “This youthful, extremely engaged, interactive group is a gold mine for advertisers, something companies like McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Ikea, Univision and Comedy Central have already discovered. Hispanics combine a willingness to download and purchase content with a clear propensity to make purchases via their mobiles based on offline media ads. This has created a perfect storm for marketers: purchase-driven consumers who are responsive to targeted, contextually relevant advertising.”

The report shows the participation rates for various mobile content activities. Below is a reprint of the chart comparing English-speaking Hispanics with the general US mobile market. In many cases, the hispanic subscribers were about twice as likely to participate in an activity compared to the general public. For example, 6.8% of hispanics said they listened to sideloaded music, compared with 3.2% of the all US mobile subscribers.


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To see the full M:Metrics report, CLICK HERE.

Note: if you don’t see a red “CLICK HERE” link, then copy the following URL into your browser and the page will be displayed:

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