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Mobile Video Advertising – Best Practices Guide

mobile-video.jpgTelevision advertising has long been viewed as one of the most powerful means of advertising communication.

Most mobile phones are now capable of playing video – this study provides information on the effectiveness of using mobile video for advertising, and offers some “best practice” guidelines.

Rhythm NewMedia was one of the early pioneers in mobile video advertising, originally putting together ad-funded mobile video content channels for operators. More recently they have evolved into a more pure play mobile video ad network, serving billions of video ads across a wide variety of publisher sites including CBS, ABC, NBC Universal, Fox, Warner Bros., Discovery, and Viacom.

(For more on Rhythm NewMedia, read this MobiAD interview with Ujjal Kohli, CEO of Rhythm New Media).

Rhythm recently authored a white paper Best Practices in Mobile Video Advertising which we found quite interesting.

Not limited to mobile video watchers

One popular misconception is that mobile video advertising is limited to those consumers who are already watching video on their mobile. Actually, almost all consumers can be reached, with advertisers able to deliver a video experience when a consumer launches an application or beats a level of a game, when tapping a banner or, traditionally, in-stream, when watching a video.


Multiple video ad units

There are also several different ways to package the video and to place it into the user experience. This white paper looks at several different video ad units, and details the completion rates (% of consumers that watch the complete video) and click-through rates (% of consumers that click on the video for further interaction). There are also general guidelines on the best use of each ad unit.


To find out more about mobile video advertising, including Rhythm’s suggested Best Practices, download the full white paper below.

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