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Orange UK Consumer Research (page 3)

This article is about a consumer research study sponsored by Orange UK which looked at mobile media consumption patterns and attitudes towards various advertising formats. This is the third page of the article, to go to the first page, click here.

Usage Habits by Location

These charts show how media consumption habits vary according to where the person is – at work, in public transport, in a car, or at home. There are 4 charts, one for each location. Each chart indicates for each of the 10 media types what percent of users consume that media in that location.

This first chart shows media consumption at a work location. Both ‘games’ and ‘web entertainment’ are very low, while ‘personal media’ and informational web’ usage are quite high.


The consumption pattern for people in public transport is completely different. The top media are music/radio and information from the web. And games are also quite popular. This definitely is a “passing time” mode of usage.


In the car, music/radio is almost zero, as there is already a music system in the car. However email is very popular, as is information from the web, and specifically travel information from the web.


And finally, consumption patterns for the home are again very different. There is a much wider range of activities, from downloading to games, personal media, email and information from the web. The only two that are very low are music/radio and travel information from the web.


The set of slides on the next page examines the attitudes of the survey respondents towards specific mobile advertising formats, including Display, Sponsor, Location-based, and Idle Screen.

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