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The Mobile Ecosystem: An Overview

mobile_ecosystem.gifSometimes the mobile industry is growing and changing so fast that it seems very hard to keep up with the trends, keep up with the key companies, and understand how all the parts fit together.

Econsultancy has put together an infograph that gives a very interesting, high level overview of the entire rapidly evolving world of mobile – including key statistics and players – in an easy to scan graphical interface. Take a look.

This infograph will give you a snapshot of mobile app growth, mobile ad spending, and mobile user behavior. It also provides several keys lists, including top mobile producers in 2011, mobile search providers, mobile marketing agencies, top tablets and smart phones.

Econsultancy has broken this overview into 8 sections:

  • Small Screen, Big Picture – the data that defines the explosive growth of mobile usage and spending
  • Industry – top associations and organizations, industry analytics and data, as well as resources for more information and training
  • Advertising/Search – mobile platforms by usage, how mobile dollars are being spent across tactics
  • Content/Publishing – how and where people are spending their mobile time
  • Apps – top activities and application categories
  • Infrastructure/Devices – how does the handset, tablet and OS landscape break down?
  • Mobile/Search Providers – ad networks, SMS aggregators, mobile marketing agencies, rich media providers and more
  • Mobile Commerce – companies to be aware of in NFC payment, mobile CRM, mobile commerce and security

As the industry is in such a high rate of change and growth, Econsultancy expects to issue updated versions of the infograph in the future.

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