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Android 1 Year Anniversary Report

android_birthday.gifGoogle’s Android mobile operating system was launched just a year ago. Although it seemed to start slowly, recent numbers show that Android is starting to become an influence in the market.

AdMob‘s latest report shows Android at 7% market share and growing rapidly, especially in certain markets.

Each month AdMob releases a report on the traffic that they have seen coming over their mobile advertising network in the previous month. This month, because Android has been out just one year, it provides an interesting opportunity to see what progress Google’s new mobile OS has made.

Globally, Android now represents 7% of the ad requests from smartphones. This more than three times its market share just 6 months ago. Android (and iPhone) have been gaining share at the expense of more established competitors such as Symbian and Windows Mobile.


A few other interesting facts about Android:

  • Android is quite popular in North America and Europe. In the US, it represents 13% of the smartphone requests, and in the UK 10% of the smartphones run Android
  • The HTC Magic is a Top 10 smartphone in both North America and Western Europe and the HTC Dream handset is ranked fourth globally
  • Worldwide requests from Android phones increased 17% from July to August, following an incredible 50% jump from June to July

Given the expected launch of many new Android devices this fall, it could be a very good holiday season for the new mobile OS.

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