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Mobile App Marketing: The Power of Push

push-message2Customer engagement is typically the key objective for most branded, marketing-focused mobile apps. But studies have shown that levels of engagement often decrease very shortly after the first use, and once the customer is out of the habit of using the app, it can be very hard to rekindle interest.

The use of push messaging can be a great way to keep consumers engaged, or bring them back after a quiet period.

This infographic and downloadable guide give you the background, the techniques, and some case examples to help you more effectively use push messaging in your mobile app marketing.

With the huge number of mobile apps competing for people’s attention these days, keeping someone engaged with you mobile app can be a serious challenge. It is hard enough to convince them to download the app in the first place, but getting them to repeatedly come back to the app can be even more difficult.

Most mobile marketers have found that the proper use of push messages can have a strong impact on the level of engagement, with higher number of launches and a lower abandonment rate.

Boston based Localytics is an marketing and analytics platform whose mission is to help companies build stronger relationships with their mobile and web app users. They have written an informative guide to creating push messaging and in-app messaging content.

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They have also put together the infographic below with gives an overview of why push messaging is so important.

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