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Mobile Ad Spending Projected to Pass $1billion in 2008, Mobile TV to Drive Future Growth

juniper.gifIn a recent report,Juniper research predicts that mobile ad spend will pass $1 billion in 2008 driven by mobile TV and reach $7.6 billion by 2013.

The report also estimates that mobile TV will be the most lucrative service in mobile advertising by 2010 ($2.5 billion in 2013), while idle-screen advertising will become an important part of mobile advertising (reaching $500 million in 2013).

“While adspend in the mobile environment is still extremely limited when compared to the budgets allocated to media such as magazines, television, cinema and the Internet, the opportunities it offers –personalized advertising with very high response rates, delivered to a device which is always in close proximity to the individual – will make it an increasingly attractive proposition for leading brands.” Said report author Dr Windsor Holden,

Other interesting predictions from the report:
• Nearly 1.5 billion mobile users will receive SMS advertising in 2008
• China and the Far East will remain the largest regional market for mobile adspend with revenues reaching more than $2.1 billion by 2012.
• Until critical issues such as lack of inventory, reach and common metrics are resolved, advertisers will not commit big budgets to mobile advertising.


See the full release here.

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