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MMA Solicits Comments On Updated Guidelines And Emerging Opportunities

mma-logo.pngThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), has published the 5th edition of its “Mobile Advertising Guidelines” report that is designed to provide broad industry standards and best practises.

The MMA is soliciting comments on these guidelines, as well as two other documents focused on emerging opportunities in mobile marketing.

The MMA’s Mobile Advertising Guidelines provide recommendations for the global ad units generally used in mobile advertising across the several mobile media channels, including mobile web, messaging, applications and mobile video and TV1. The Guidelines recommend ad unit usage best practices, creative technical specifications, as well as giving guidance on ad insertion and delivery.

Key updates in the fifth issue of the Mobile Advertising Guidelines include:

  • Additional ad-unit sizes
  • Elimination of aspect-ratio requirements for banner ads
  • More consideration for Mobile Rich Media Advertising

“The MMA’s advertising guidelines have become the industry standard, providing the best practices that are key for maximizing the mobile channel’s reach and effectiveness,” said Greg Stuart, Global CEO of the MMA.


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As part of the release the MMA also published 2 documents on emerging opportunities in mobile marketing:

  • Draft Guidelines for Rich Media
  • The Universal Mobile Ad Package

The Rich Media Draft Guidelines is intended to provide an overview of Rich Media mobile ad units, explanation on how to go about creating and executing a Rich Media campaign and how the MMA will continue to support the market in the future.

The Universal Mobile Ad Package is designed to make the creative and publishing process much quicker by allowing agencies and brands to create ad units which they can use with a wide variety of publishers.

Mr Stuart added: “With the addition of the Rich Media and Universal Mobile Ad Package guidelines, the MMA continues its commitment to providing the ecosystem with the frameworks necessary to capitalize on emerging opportunities.”

The MMA is inviting public feedback on all three documents, should you have any comments please send your suggestions before 4th of March to:

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