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Mobile Analytics – Understanding What You Need To Know

analytics.gifAs publishers, brands, and agencies are putting more and more resources into mobile sites, they need to accurately understand the audience that is visiting the site. As a result, Mobile Analytics is becoming increasingly important.

This whitepaper from Mobilytics explains all you need to know about Mobile Analytics. It’s worth downloading and reading.

The paper covers the following topics in detail:

* Brief history of web analytics
* What makes mobile different, and why traditional analytics won’t work
* What mobile web analytics is
* What to look for in a solution provider

From the Mobilytics website:
“Without getting too technical, we explain how vendors do their tracking, and what the pros and cons of each are. We do not compare the specific vendors, only the methods they use for unique id tracking. No vendors are mentioned, and it is not a ‘sales pitch oriented paper.”

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