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2D Mobile Barcodes – A Definitive Guide

qr-neomedia.gif2D barcodes are a technology that has been widely discussed and promoted by various companies for several years in the mobile space, but has never seemed to gain too much traction in the market.

However, it looks as though this is all finally starting to change. Read this informative guide from NeoMedia to learn all you need to know about this up and coming technology.

Over the past years, 2D barcodes seem to be picking up a lot of support from the mobile industry, and is proving to be a technology that appeals to users.

Several factors are coming together to propel the uptake of this new way for consumers to interact with the digital world. The most important seem to be:
• the increased use of mobile internet,
• the prevalence of good quality cameras in phones, and
• the pre-installation of 2D barcode readers in mobile handsets.

qr-code-t-shirt.gifAll of these have led to a wide variety of mobile marketing campaigns being launched which utilize 2D barcodes as the primary means of interaction. In addition, 2D barcodes are being to be used in mobile commerce applications such as the recently announced Starbucks card payment system.

NeoMedia has long been a key company in the push to grow the acceptance of 2S barcode technology in the mobile space. They have now released a comprehensive guide to 2D barcodes to help further educate the industry. This guide introduces the various types of codes that are in use, discusses key concepts such as direct vs. indirect barcodes (very important for marketing purposes!).

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