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Smirnoff Advertising Goes Mobile!

smirnoff_logo.gifDiageo – owner of such well known brands as Guinness, Dom Perignon, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, Baileys, and José Cuervo – has launched a special mobile service to promote Smirnoff, their No.1 premium Vodka brand.

Developed by digital agency AKQA, the mobile initiative from Smirnoff delivers features and content developed specifically for consumers on the move. This content is designed to act as an invaluable ‘pocket guide to vodka’ and also to help consumers make the most of their nights out. (see the MobiAD interview with Dan Rosen, Head of AKQA Mobile).

Michelle Klein, global digital marketing director at Smirnoff, said: “We are very excited by the initiative. The mobile platform presents consumers with an unexpected and original way to engage with the Smirnoff brand.”

The site is backed by a mobile advertising campaign which will run across key mobile portals and lifestyle sites. Here is what the Smirnoff ads look like running on the Orange and Vodafone portals.



The content on the mobile site is a clever blend of useful information and branding. The initial welcome screen lists the key sections on the site.


The ‘Pocket Bartender’ provides a collection of Smirnoff Signature cocktails – something to jog your memory next time you can’t think of something interesting to order at the bar.


The ‘Vokapedia’ introduces you to various facts and information about the subject of Vodka. Did you know to rub it on your hands to test for purity?.


The ‘Nightlife Guide’ is where consumers can choose from a selection of UK bars based on what they might be in the mood for.


Finally, its good to see that Diageo makes the effort to promote responsible drinking. For example, there is an age verification test to get into the site (though it depends on the subscriber entering their birthday). There is also a list of ‘helpful tips’ intended to keep people partying safely.


This mobile site was launched as part of Smirnoff’s multiplatform “Signature” campaign. JWT created a TV spot which features the Smirnoff signature pen stroke to trace the brand’s exhilarating journey from Imperial Russia, to its rebirth in Europe by Vladimir and journey to America, to its current position as the world’s leading premium spirit brand. Here’s the spot:

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This campaign also included advertising in cinemas and an interactive internet site which let users create personalized videos similar to the ‘Signature’ video, and download them to their mobile phones.

Jennifer Van Ness, Vice President for Smirnoff in the US said “the new ‘Signature’ campaign celebrates one of the most fascinating stories in our industry, and we feel consumers will enjoy viewing in a variety of mediums.”

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