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Knorr Launches Mobile CookBook in Poland

knorr_logo.gifFUN and MOBILE, a mobile marketing company based in Warsaw, Poland, has this week announced that it is launching a new mobile solution for Knorr in Poland, called Knorr: Mobile Cookbook. The Java application will contain recipes, with ingredients list, cooking instructions and pictures of the dishes.


The first edition of the Knorr: Mobile Cookbook was launched in October 2007 and features recipes from French Chef Pascal Brodnicki. It will contain 20 soup recipes and will be followed by future editions on salads, starters, main dishes, desserts, etc.


The advantages of having recipes on one’s phone are fairly obvious. It will eliminate the need to prepare list of ingredients before going to the supermarket while enabling busy people who might not have had the time to look at a cook book before going to the supermarket to have it easily at hand when they do their shopping.


The service is only currently available in Poland (it is available on all Polish mobile operators: Plus, ERA, Orange and Play). In order to try it, customers will have to text “KNORR” to 7460.

Full press release HERE

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