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Renault’s Multifaceted Mobile Campaign For Twingo by Nokia

renault.gifRenault has recently completed a two stage mobile marketing campaign for its special edition Renault Twingo by Nokia. The campaign was run by Paris based SBW/FollowCom and included Bluetooth, Web to Mobile, SMS games and a mobile promotional site. The campaign, which took place in France, is the first in the country to use such an array of mobile advertising formats.

The campaign took place in two parts. The first was held during two concerts by the Police at the end of September, and the second took place from the middle of October until the end of 2007.

renault_poster.gifOn the week end of the 29th/30th of September, the Police held two concerts at the Stade de France, the large stadium just north of Paris. 14 hostesses were equipped with portable Bluetooth devices at the entry points to the stadium and a further 6 were in special edition Renault Twingos by Nokia doted around the stadium.

Anyone who walked passed one of these Bluetooth emitters, were invited to activate the Bluetooth on their phone in order to receive special content on their mobile phone (for example Twingo by Nokia Virtual lighters, Animated logos, etc). This was the first time that a brand had turned the Stade de France into an interactive venue.

Nokia-Twingo Bluetooth Upload Car


While this was going on an SMS game was organised. Special signs were erected around the stadium to inform people of the game. All they had to do was send “Twingo” to a short code number in order to win one of 5 VIP passes, 5 trips on to the roof of the stadium and 50 copies of the album “The Best Of The Police” on a USB key.

SMS to Win


The results of this first part of the campaign were very promising:

  • The concerts attracted 160 thousand people over two nights,
  • 43 thousand (27%) had Bluetooth activated,
  • A total of 27 thousand invitational messages were sent out,
  • 6 thousand people (22%) downloaded the content

The SMS game also showed good results with 12 thousand people (8% of the total attendees) participating.


The second part of the campaign was a Nokia-Twingo promotional mobile site. The site was advertised on the portal of the 3 major French mobile operators, plus banner ads were also placed on the Renault website. The promotional site enabled potential consumers to see the limited edition car and discover the options that the car is equipped with. They could also play and win new Nokia mobile phones plus download various goodies and screensavers.

Homepage of the Nokia-Twingo Mobile Site


The mobile site was also very well received:

  • banner ads on the Renault site received 13,700 clicks, with 3,200 people (11%) providing their mobile numbers in order to receive an SMS message to give them access to the mobile site.
  • click through rates for banners ranged from 20% to 5% for the operator portals Bouygues, SFR, and Orange
  • the mobile site received 23,000 unique visitors, of which over 3,800 left contact information (email or mobile) in order to receive additional information or be contacted by Renault.

Guillaume Josselin, head of marketing for Renault France said: “Today about 50% of our direct marketing activities are based on SMS and email. We intend to grow this to 70% in 2008. We are convinced that the rapid growth of the mobile internet will give us the means to interact directly with our consumers.”

Full press release HERE


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