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Orange Launches Ad-Supported Content Trial

orange-logo_75.gifOrange has announced that it has launched an advertisement-supported content trial on Orange World, its mobile internet platform. The trial will give 800,000 of Orange’s 15.6 million mobile customers the option to download music to their mobile phone for free or at a discounted rate.

The ads will be managed and delivered by ScreenTonic who have already lined up deals with Paramount Pictures and Ford. The trial will last for three months.

Orange will give their customers the option of downloading full music tracks at full price, at half price, or for free, depending on the level of advertising. Presumably the trial is being run in this way to provide insight into the “elasticity of demand” for music, which will allow Orange and its partners to make more informed pricing decisions in the future.

Steve Ricketts, Head of Third Party Services, Orange UK said: “We believe this ad-funded content model will drive adoption and usage of services, and deliver better value content to our customers. Whilst the trial is initially set for music we are also intending to test this across other content areas, such as games. The mobile is an incredibly personal device and our ad-funded content offer gives advertisers a great opportunity to reach a new audience”.

Theo Theodorou, Head of Sales at ScreenTonic said: “The ad funded content trial will provide a route into the mobile experience for brands that have previously had little familiarity of the medium. It is an exciting reason for brands to get involved with mobile, as the media develops increasingly innovative solutions to allow advertisers to reach audiences”

See the full release here.

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