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20th Century Fox to Advertise on DIDMO
Ad-funded Games Platform Expands to US and Europe

horton.gifScandinavian mobile games company DIDMO has announced that 20th Century Fox will be promoting their new film “Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who!” on their platform. Didmo will also be expanding its mobile content platform into the US, UK, German and Spanish markets.

The Didmo mobile content platform currently allows consumers to download a game and play a full version for 24 hours. In exchange they view a four second ad before and after they play the game. After the initial 24 hour period they are offered the chance to buy the game. Click-through rates are reported to be in the range of 5-10%.

The 20th Century Fox promotion will use a “click to contest” that will give consumers the option of entering their e-mail address to win movie tickets.

DIDMO co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Rikard Björklind, further explained, “Our platform enables us to deliver full-screen, high-quality advertising to users with a built-in campaign management system for advertisers, including real-time statistics on impressions, click-throughs, demographic data and more.”

In addition to this, DIDMO has announced that Jamba have signed up to advertise on their platform to advertise their new Swedish website.

“A growing number of reputable companies are realizing the value of interactive mobile advertising in reaching their target markets,” said Mikael Behrenfors, Director of Sales and Marketing, DIDMO.

See the full release on DIDMO’s expansion here and the release on the new advertising deals here.

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