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Cellcom Turns to Mobile Advertising

cellcom.gifCellcom, one of Israel’s leading mobile operators, has announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with Media Layer to put ads on its mobile content services. This news is another sign that mobile operators are becoming more and more serious about mobile advertising, and are putting in place the systems required to serve ads.

A lot of the advertising activity to date has been off-deck, but announcements like this relate to the on-deck world. It also interesting that a major systems integrator like Logica has been engaged for the integration effort. This is the way that most mobile VAS and billing systems have been deployed, and so it could be a pattern for mobile advertising system implementations in the future.

Media Layers’ SMART system is based on a real-time approach, enabling mobile operators and content providers to insert mobile ads into all content channels. There is strong support for rich media – video clips, audio clips, and banners. In video – the cutting edge of mobile content – SMART provides for ad insertion in multiple fashions: before, during or after viewing the chosen content; in a split screen; and as an overlay (picture in picture).

Adi Cohen, Cellcom’s VP Marketing, commented on the contract with Media Layers: “mobile advertising is still in its early phases, but we see its importance in addressing the need in the market for a broader variety of business models, and we consider it to be a substantial future growth engine”.

Kobi Marenko, Logia’s CEO, added: “mobile advertising is critical in turning mobile content services from a niche to a mass market offering. Media Layers’ SMART system provides an excellent infrastructure for this move. It addresses Cellcom’s and Logia’s needs in full, and creates a rich, relevant and effective experience for the mobile subscribers”.

See the full release here.

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