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Microsoft Expands Mobile Advertising Offer

microsoft_logo1.gifMicrosoft has announced plans to expand its mobile offering by placing mobile display advertising on the Windows Live Hotmail, and on Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Mobile users in France, the UK , Spain and the US will see banner ad placements across these two popular services. All ads placed on these services will adhere to the MMA Mobile Ad Guidelines.

Microsoft has already signed up some brands for this new service. Paramount will be one of the first advertisers in the UK to take advantage of these new ad opportunities.

Steve Hunt, Head of Media at Paramount Pictures, said: “We were keen to invest in a high-impact and creative ad campaign that would excite and engage mobile users, so we are delighted to be the first brand to advertise on Windows Live Mobile. Paramount is always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our consumers and we’re excited to be leading the way in creating a truly digital experience for the mobile consumer.”

Read the full Microsoft press release here.

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