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Mobile Acuity (London, Edinburgh)

Mobile Acuity is a technology company enabling interactive brand marketing campaigns using their visual processing platform. The company was incorporated in January 2006 and has received venture capital from investors including Imprimatur Capital and Scottish Enterprise. The company is a University of Edinburgh spin-out and is supported by the Scottish Enterprise High Growth Startup Unit.

The company’s software platform has a number of core features enabling new capabilities in the area of interactive mobile imaging. In addition to their industry leading image recognition capability, the “image zoning” technology can determine which section of an image the consumer is pointing at and return an appropriate response. Another innovative feature of the platform is the colour ID system that analyses the dominant colours present in an image and bases the response on that. The platforms virtual bluescreen service can accurately extract a portion of an image and reuse this within the response returned to the user. All of these features allow advertisers to make mobile campaigns with a much greater degree of consumer interaction and engagement.

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