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AOL’s Platform-A Launches New Mobile Ad Platform

platform_a.gifPlatform-A, the advertising business of AOL, has launched a new third-party ad serving platform through Third Screen Media, the company they acquired just over a year ago. The platform offers “inventory partitioning”, a new technology which Platform-A says will increase monetization for publishers.

Third party mobile ad servers like this allow publishers to have access to many different ad networks. This should enable them to fill more of their available ad inventory, and therefore increase monetization of their mobile site.

As a part this new platform, Platform-A is introducing a new solution that will let publishers dictate exactly how their inventory is distributed across multiple networks. With this new “inventory partitioning” feature, publishers will be able to assign specific percentages of their inventory to be allocated based on any combination of ad network, subject area, location and more.

Lynda Clarizio, President of Platform-A explains the company’s strategy – “Platform-A sees mobile as a key component of the digital advertising landscape, and is aggressively focused on building its mobile advertising business… By implementing inventory partitioning as a part of Third Screen Media’s third-party ad-serving solution, we’re offering publishers a powerful new way to manage, control and prioritize the distribution of inventory to their advertising partners.”

Read the full AOL Platform-A press release.

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